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Gift Baskets and Working Mothers

When my children were very young, I had the luxury of being a full-time, stay at home mom and I relished every minute of it.  I know this is not possible for many mothers.  (I also know that there are some, who enjoy working outside of the home, and I respect them for their decision).  My heart bled, however, for the moms who truly would have liked to be at home, but could not afford to do this.  When I began my business, centered around my family, I was determined to help those mothers if I could.  When I first started the business, I purposely kept it small, allowing it to grow, as my children did, so that it would not take over my life.  When I began hiring staff, I tried to hire stay at home moms. Moms who need to bring in an income, but still want to be there for their children.  I do this by offering flexible scheduling.  The moms that work for me, come in after their children are off to school and they leave in plenty of time to be home when their children arrive, if need be.  School field trips or important events in their lives are scheduled in, so that our working moms can attend. 

After being in business several years, I thought of another way to help stay at home moms.  I created a drop ship program that would allow moms to inexpensively start a business from home, without any overhead, work short hours, that can be scheduled around their children, and bring in an income.  Although it may not seem like much to others, I am very proud to be able to help other moms who are looking to spend as much time as possible with their children. 

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Gift Basket Deliveries

How do I know when my gift basket will be delivered, you might ask? 

In our desire to be open and transparent with our customers, and keep them informed, we offer several shipping options with customer notification.  First, if you order your basket by 1pm EST Monday-Friday (excluding holidays), your gift is shipped out that day. If we receive your order after 1pm, on weekends or holidays, it is shipped out the next business day.  I am proud to say we have NEVER missed this deadline, even during our busiest Christmas seasons. 

Delivery times are based on the distance your gift must travel.  The FASTEST way to get your gift baskets delivered is to choose SELECT shipping.  Select shipping can have your gift delivered in 1-2 days throughout Canada.  It is a guaranteed service and is available for most Canadian destinations.

If you don’t need to guarantee delivery on a certain day, I would recommend our standard ground service.  This is the most economical service available with a blanket fee of $12.50 for gift baskets delivered anywhere in Canada.  Your basket still ships per our above schedule and gift baskets delivered to Ontario and most of Quebec still get there the next business day, it is just not guaranteed.  If your basket is going to Nova Scotia or New Brunswick, it takes about 2-3 days, Newfoundland and PEI can take 4-7, Manitoba and Saskatchewan are approximately 2-3 days, but some remote areas take longer, Alberta is 4 days and most of British Columbia is 5 days.  We also offer CANADAPOST shipping for gifts going to RR and PO addresses. 

 Once your gift basket has been shipped, and as long as you have provided us with a valid email address,  you will receive an email from our shipper Canpar.  In this email, will be your tracking number, which enables you to track your package, see what time it was delivered and who signed for it.  We are available by phone or email any time you have any questions or concerns.

At Boodles of Baskets, our goal is to make your gift ordering, quick, easy and worry free and we are only a phone call away.

Happy Shopping!

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Halloween Gift Baskets

The wind is whistling through the trees today, whispering that Halloween is just around the corner, but what if your little goblins are far from home?  How about sending a fabulous Halloween gift basket from Boodles of Baskets?  Our halloween baskets are a great gift to let them know you are thinking of them.  Our halloween designs also make a great gift to send to a recipient who is celebrating a birthday, a student far from home, or you are looking for a special gift basket at this time.  Fun and elegant, we bring together beautiful containers, which are sure to be treasured, with delicious treats which are sure to be remembered! No tricks, just memorable gifts and a Happy Halloween from Boodles of Baskets.

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Back to School at Boodles of Baskets

     Heading back to school at our house is bittersweet.  Back to school means back to the hustle and bustle.  It also means we get back to our routines, which can be a good thing.  You know that feeling we used to get, going back to school that first day?  It didn’t matter what grade, the feelings were always the same.  Well, I still have that feeling, on the first day of school, but for me, its my first day back in the office (not really, but it feels that way).                           
     Although we have been planning and ordering our Christmas products since last January, now our samples begin to arrive, and I get to start creating our Christmas line!  The anticipation of our creations and offerings has always had an intoxicating effect on me.  I start humming Jingle Bells or Silent Night and begin thinking of those first crisp winter days just around the corner.  Living in Ontario, our seasons seem to have the ability of announcing the arrival of holidays, be it the first soft snowflakes promising the coming of Christmas, or the warm winds, soft rainfalls and budding crocus of Spring, announcing Easter, our anticipation is heightened by the changing seasons.  When school begins in September, our nights are starting to cool and you can almost see the leaves begin to change.  At Boodles of Baskets, we embrace those changes and the anticipation of what’s to come, by preparing beautiful Thanksgiving, Fall and Christmas gift basket designs that we hope will please our customers and those who will be receiving our gifts. To celebrate the return to school, we even offer a tongue and cheek Student Survival basket, for those students going away to school.  Back to school may be the end of summer, but it is also a beginning, a blank page, that is yet to be written and I would not want it any other way.

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Canadian Gift Baskets

In my city, we have a home which is completely painted red and white.  Its shutters have maple leaf cut outs and there is a large Canadian Flag proudly waving in the wind from their front yard.  Every time I pass this house, I smile.  This house speaks for many of us.  Regardless of where we reside during our life times, our heart belongs to our home country of Canada.  It is with this pride, that we have designed a Canadian gift basket line.  This line includes delicious maple products extracted from Canadian maples. 
When I was a teenager, I actually visited a “sugar shack” in Quebec.  Sugar Shacks are working maple sugar farms where you can participate in maple sap collection and be involved in its processing.  One of the amazing things is how much maple sap must be boiled down to produce small amounts of maple syrup.  But the taste is well worth the wait. That evening, we dined on pancakes, ham and beans, smothered in pure maple syrup.  Truly an experience to remember.  It was with these thoughts in mind, that I created our Canadian gift baskets. 
What surprised me were the reasons and events our customers were giving these baskets for: Canada Day, as a gift to a new Canadian citizen, to US friends and customers, who’ve enjoyed these fabulous products when they’ve visited Canada in the past, and year round, to those Canadians living abroad to bring them tastes of home.  Our goal is to ensure that our baskets depict warm feelings of a wonderful country that we are truly lucky to call home.  

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Summer Time at Boodles of Baskets

     Long before the last day of school, I am busily planning Christmas.  Although this seems very unusual to those not in this industry, it makes perfect sense for Boodles of Baskets.  Gift shows begin showing their wares for the upcoming Christmas season in January and in order for us to be able to offer the newest, creative options for gift giving to our customers, we shop early. 
     Long before the last day of school, we are also planning our summer vacations.  We spend as much time as we can, camping with our family.  We have done this since our children were little.  Now that some of our children are older, they may not be able to attend all of our camping excursions, but they will almost always come up for a few days. 
     How are these two related, you might wonder?  Well, although the shopping is done early in the year, the brainstorming, is done while camping.  There is something about being away from phones, TV’s and computers that gets my juices flowing.  As I’ve said in earlier posts, some of our expansions have even been born while I have been up in the great Ontario north.  Getting away from the day to day operation (I have wonderful staff, which makes this all possible), is truly a benefit.  Sitting in the warm sun, looking at the wind dancing through huge pines and listening to the birds singing, calms, and energizes my soul.  Camping is my idea of a “Spa” vacation. It is amazing how much work and planning you can get done when you’re “not working”, but instead enjoying the laughter of children and the crackling of a blazing fire!

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Father’s Day Gift Baskets and Gifts

Where would we be without our fathers?  For those of us who are lucky enough to still have them around, it seems ashamed that there is only one day which is set aside to acknowledge them.  Even more difficult is when the physical distance that separates us, makes it difficult to show how much we care.  We at Boodles of Baskets understand.  Our Father’s Day gift baskets are created with Dad in mind.  We also understand that not all Dad’s are the same, so we ensure that we offer a variety of designs.  Is your dad a gardener?  We have a basket for him.  Big sports fan?  We’ve got you covered.  Wants to golf till he drops?  No problem.  Loves chocolate and snacks?  You’re good!  You see, not only do we design gift baskets for you to send to your dads…we design our Father’s Day gift baskets to send to ours!

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Administrative Professional’s Day

Although the title has changed over the years-Secretary’s Day, Personal Assistant’s Day, Executive Assistant’s Day, Administrative Professional’s Day, this day is meant to recognize those exceptional individuals who make our lives so much more productive.  National Secretary’s Week was established in 1952 and is now observed the last full week in April.  Administrative Professional’s Day, formerly known as Secretary’s Day, is celebrated on Wednesday during this week. (April 23, 2008, April 22, 2009 and April 21, 2010).  Over the years, it has become a worldwide event and is one of the largest workplace observances.  Gift ideas include flowers, gifts of appreciation and/or lunch at a restaurant.  This holiday is meant to show our appreciation to those in administration, including those who contribute to the daily needs of a company who often go unacknowledged.