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Wine and Cheese
wine and cheese trivia cards. One deck with food pairings, one with cheese knowledge
Wine and Cheese. What a great combination when
entertaining. Included in this double deck of
Wine and Cheese Trivia Playing Cards is one
deck featuring wine with food pairings while
the other deck fills in the gaps when it comes
to cheese knowledge. Come explore
interesting tidbits of information

beer trivia cards
This double deck of Beer Trivia Playing Cards
will provide insights into the history of beer
and test your knowledge of beer trivia.

trivia cards about chocolate
A great gift for chocolate lovers this double deck of
Chocolate Trivia Playing Cards provides 108 delectable
insights into the wonderful world of chocolate.
Best enjoyed while eating chocolate of course!

sports related trivia cards
Recount the "the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat"
with our 108 Greatest Sports Stories Playing Cards.
A great gift for any sports lover.
entertaining pub joke trivia cards

Who doesn't need a good laugh now and again?
Our double deck of Pub Jokes Playing Cards
with lots of jokes will have everyone chuckling.

trivia cards all about Canada and Canadians. 108 facts on real playing cards

This double deck pack of Canada Trivia Playing Cards has
108 interesting facts about Canada divided evenly into
interesting things to see and do in Canada and general
Canadian trivia in both English and French. Famous people,
events, history, geography and more - all yours to discover.


dog care and feeding tip trivia cards
Man's best friend and man's best friend's owner would both
benefit from this interesting double deck of Dog Care/Training
Tips and Recipes specifically written for dogs and dog lovers.
gardening tips and ideas trivia cards
Do you have a gardener in the family?
What a great Mother's Day or Father's Day
gift idea. Practical yet entertaining. Dig
up a double deck of our Gardening Tips
Playing Cards and may your
"green thumb" grow even greener.
For the Gardening Enthusiast
cat care and cat feeding tip trivia cards

This double deck of Cat Care and Training
Tips/Recipes Playing Cards is sure to delight the cat member
of your family and provide insights into developing
a healthy and loving relationship with your cat.
NHL trivia cards
Our Hockey Trivia Playing Cards provide a wealth of information and insights into the wonderful, fast and hard-hitting game of hockey. If you're looking for a great gift idea for the ardent hockey fan, look no further!

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